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As of 2017, 19 states have not expanded Medicaid to include the working poor of our country.  Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will fund states to do so, they deny their own citizens access to health insurance that saves lives. These politically based decisions being made at the state level have great cost and no actual benefit. 

Expanding Medicaid:
  • Lowers the number of uninsured and helps people become healthier
  • Creates new jobs in the health care industry and boosts state economies 
  • Saves everyone money by lowering health care costs for all
  • Lowers insurance premiums for everyone by reducing uncompensated care
  • Most importantly, it saves lives!

This book is a critical examination of the causes and effects 
of these political decisions. 

Profusely illustrated and written by 
Health Care Advocate Gary M. Votour, this book will change 
how you view partisan politics in the United States 
by explaining the human costs of political warfare 
in modern America.
Live Lost ® , ,

Map of Contiguous United States 
Showing Potential Lives Lost in Each State
 (Blue States Have Expanded Medicaid, Red States Have Not)